Many members take weaving and knitting classes at the SBCC CLL (Center for Lifelong Learning).  Check their online catalog for more information.

An evening weaving class is available through UCSB Leisure Review.   Look for their most current (PDF format) catalog online.  (find by your favorite search engine!)

See our EVENTS page for one time only workshops.

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    1. Post author

      Hi V.Grimshaw. Sorry for the long delay in posting. Had alot of spam to go through recently but all cleared up now.
      Unfortunately I (webmaster) do not know of any classes in our area specific to textile dying and painting. I will poll our membership so see if anyone knows of any private classes or workshops that they would recommend and get back to you! Many members are at the SB Fair and Expo this weekend demonstrating fiber arts. I know we have member who do that kind of thing so I am sure we can get you some ideas.

    2. Deanna Ryan

      The Central Coast Weaver’s Guild in San Luis Obispo offers classes on dying various fibers from time to time.


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