In 1947 a weaver named Jane Barnes put a notice in the newspaper asking all weavers interested in forming a guild to meet and discuss it.  In October, twenty persons signed up as charter members of the newly formed Santa Barbara Handweavers’ Guild.  Barnes served as its first president.

The early Guild met in members’ homes, published  newsletter with woven samples in each issue and enforced strict rules about attendance.  Over the years, the Guild has become both more relaxed and more eclectic.  We changed our name to Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild to represent more accurately the members’ interests.  We are no longer only weavers, we are also spinners, dyers, basket makers, felt makers, paper makers , lacers, silk painters, knitters, crocheters, needleworkers, braiders, book artists and more.  Our membership has grown to over 100.  We are affiliated with the Handweavers Guild of America (HGA

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  1. Terry Boles

    Hello, my name is Terry Boles and I was active in the Santa Barbara Handweavers guild in the 70s and 80s. I was president in the late 70s. I am currently downsizing and sadly parting with my looms and weaving equipment (I now live in Iowa). . Among my things are years worth of the newsletters that included woven samples and patterns (some from the 60s). . Before I offer them to local weavers, I thought the SB fiber artists should have the first right of refusal. Let me know if you are interested in having them, and if so, who I should send them to.


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