PROJECTS-Community Outreach

Community Outreach

As our new Community Service/Outreach chair, Jeanette Warren will be coordinating efforts by guild members to make items for worthy charities. Projects include chemo cloches, preemie hats, and various sizes of blankets. Patterns for chemo cloches and preemie hats will be sent out separately. Let’s get our community outreach program going again and put our crafty skills to good use!


Make items from NEW, CLEAN, WASHABLE materials in infant, child, or teen friendly colors. Remember, these items are meant to be colorful, cheerful and cuddly.

Crochet, knit, quilt or tie blankets and hats.

Make items from acrylic yarn, 100% cotton yarn/fabric, flannel, or polar fleece.

For blankets, secure batting into outer seams and if a blanket is tied, please anchor it every 4 – 6 inches. We don’t want it to fall apart the first time it’s washed.

Weave in all yarn ends on crocheted and knitted items.

Check items carefully for straight pins when appropriate. It’s better you find that pin and not the child who receives your blanket.

Provide your name and address with your items.


Make your items out of tapestry, burlap, upholstery fabric, felt, vinyl, wool or wool yarn.

Attach buttons or similar decorative items. They can be a choking hazard to children.

Use fabric paint on the surface of your items. The thick stuff peels off — we don’t want a child eating it. Other kinds of paint rub off.

Please Note … Items that smell of smoke or strong chemicals (including perfumed fabric softeners), or have pet hair on them cannot be accepted as they may produce a severe allergic reaction in the children. Unfortunately, washing does not always remove the problem.

For knitted or crocheted blankets: Please use small knitting needles or crocket hooks if you’re making preemie/baby blankets. Little fingers and toes and medical instruments can get caught in big stitches. lf you prefer using larger size crochet hooks or knitting needles, please consider making bigger afghans in larger child and teen sizes.

Blanket sizes (measurements are approximate)

Preemies: 20″ X 20” Baby: 36″ X 36″ Child: 40″ X 60″ Teen: 45″ X72″

Contact Jeannette via our CONTACT page.  Your message will be forwarded to her.





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  1. Martha Adkins

    Hi, I know that your Guild does mostly weaving, but I have a large amount of high quality yarn for sale at about 1/4 the retail cost. I have alpaca, wool, cashmere/wool, cotton, novelty, etc. There is yarn by Debby Bliss, Jo Sharp, Rowan, On Line and others. If anyone is interested, please email me or call me at 805-963-3621. Thank you, Martha


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